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Amidst all the sewing – and there has been a lot of sewing – I’ve fallen into a great routine to make time for writing as well! Usually, I break from my project – whether writing or sewing – I will do something “relaxing”: browsing Facebook, Star Wars the Old Republic, or snacking while watching more Criminal Minds. When I try to get back to work, the momentum has been lost.

This week, however, I mixed it up. I wake up wanting to get sewing right away – my deadline is right around the corner and I am the opposite of a procrastinator when it comes to deadlines – but sewing right after waking usually doesn’t work out so well for me. Thus, with my morning cup of coffee, I have been taken 30 minutes to write. Then I sew. After a few hours – usually around lunch time – I’m ready for some noms and a break, but instead of a quick break, I have been giving myself an hour to eat and write. Whenever I take a break from sewing, I write, and then I take a break from writing to sew.

Switching creative form to another has helped keep my momentum, determination and inspiration going and I’ve been able to write a few thousands words every day! This, of course, spurs me on to MORE WORDS!

I am almost to the end of Act II, with just a coronation scene left *secrets!* I’m so excited to be introducing lots of fun things in Act III, including Pondeah, Solma – the river town Marjolee (Marja-who? *secrets*) – and perhaps a little moment at Rivercliff Abbey. Plus, there will be a glimpse of the main character of the next and final book, “The Blessed”. But you’ll have to guess who it will be when you read it for yourself!


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  1. Valerie says:

    Routines are always great for motivation and keeping focused–good for you!
    I’m happy to see you’ve decided to continue with this series–will “The Blessed” be your 2015 NaNo project? I’m sad to hear it will be the last one in this fun series, but I’m glad you’re planning everything out!! 😀


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