The Indie Author’s Book Launch Workbook

The Indie Author’s Book Launch Workbook

This workbook gives you a roadmap from first draft through release day to help your book not only sell, but grow your platform as an author in the process. Modeled after traditional publishing calendars, the workbook is designed to cover all of preparations for launching your book! With worksheets and fill-in-the-blanks, this workbook is completely customizable and easily personalized to fit your timeline.

Erin Phillips’ book launch consultation services are exceptional. As someone who struggles with planning ahead and looking at the big picture, Phillips’ detailed timeline and step-by-step guidance in her Indie Author’s Book Launch Workbook has helped me exponentially. I can’t recommend her expertise enough!


This workbook is not meant to put you in a box.
It is not meant to make you feel overwhelmed with deadlines and to-dos. And it is certainly not meant to take away the joys of being an author.

Instead, my hope is that it will give you freedom.

Freedom to tell the world about your book with confidence, to take away the second guessing and uncertainty of what your next step should be or if you are ready. The freedom to be patient with publishing, to take your time and know you’ve done everything you can to make your book launch successful by the time release day comes around. The freedom to invest in your story without wondering what unexpected expenses will arise, and to know that having time to market can be as valuable as paid advertising.

I hope that when you open this workbook, you are filled with the patience to take each month, each day, each step, one at a time. Instead of racing for the finish line like the hare, that you will be slow and steady, and give your story time to reach readers, even before you reach the finish line.