The Varken

Return to the kingdom of Eviryia…

        Five years after the events of THE KEEPER, there is still no Keeper to guide Eviryia forward. While the civil war has left people restless, the final battle showed Brielle, a young maid in Ailenor, a glimpse into her future. Ever since, she has been training to become the next Varken of Ailenor. There is only one person standing in the way of her dream: Hart, a young man the True King has already chosen to be Heath-Varken’s successor. But Brie isn’t one to give up easily.

Cover Art by Amy Miskiewicz

The Varken is a young adult fantasy novel, and while it takes place five years after The Keeper, it is a stand-alone story. Follow Brie and Hart as they journey together to discover how to find purpose and identity when their dreams conflict with reality.

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