A Crown of Chains

Becoming queen is not the end of a fairytale; it is the beginning of a nightmare.

When the queen is exiled, every beautiful young woman in Florencia is forced to become kingsmaids–royal concubines–but one lucky girl from those gathered will be chosen as queen.

Or maybe not so lucky.

Roxana Willows, a wingless fairy with the rare ability to read minds, has seen King Frederick’s cruelty in the stories her uncle tells, and fears that the only thing worse than being a kingsmaid is being the king’s wife. While her heart already belongs to another, she feels obligated to obey her uncle when he tells her to hide her heritage as a fairy in hopes of being chosen as queen.

But becoming queen is the last thing Roxana wants, and it will cost her everything…

A Crown of Chains is a fantasy retelling of the Biblical story of Queen Esther, with fresh twists based on the original context that is sure to thrill in this timeless tale of miracles in the midst of forgotten fatih. Filled with political intrigue, forbidden romance, and dire stakes, A Crown of Chains is perfect for fans of Red Queen, The Selection, and The Cruel Prince.

“I cannot stop thinking about this book! Brilliant and imaginative, A Crown of Chains offers a fresh take on the Biblical story of Esther, infusing the fantastical with an unmistakable sense of purpose. Erin Phillips is a brave voice in the YA genre. I’ll be counting down the days until her next release.”
Caroline George, author of Dearest Josephine and The Summer We Forgot (HarperCollins)

A Crown of Chains by Erin Phillips left me speechless. There were times I had to put this thought-provoking book down just to process my emotions, only to pick it back up again, unable to stay away from the story for long. Roxana’s tale is one of heartbreak and intrigue, despair and hope. Despite knowing the familiar story of Esther, I still found myself surprised by this fresh and imaginative take on the Biblical narrative. Fans of Kiera Cass and Tosca Lee will rejoice over this breakout novel that inspires readers to cling to faith even in the darkest of times.”
Sara Ella, award-winning author of the Unblemished trilogy, Coral, and The Wonderland Trials

“Beautifully moving and bittersweet, Phillips takes the Biblical story of Esther and weaves together something God-honoring and original. This story was incredibly hard to put down, and I’ve walked away with a greater appreciation and understanding of the Biblical narrative as a whole. Overall enchanting and gut-wrenching, layered with an element of healing and peace. I eagerly anticipate whatever else Phillips writes next!”
Alissa J. Zavalianos, Author of The Earth-Treader and Endlewood