The Keeper

One kiss will decide the fate of the kingdom

Eviryia has always been guided by immortal Keepers, who possess the sacred duty of choosing the next True King to rule over the kingdom, granting power, peace, and protection to him and the land with a single kiss.

However, not all Keepers are as eager to fulfill their fate.

After years of fruitlessly searching for the True King, Keeper Kayleigh closed Ailenor’s doors, locking herself away from the kingdom and hiding from her destiny. But now, the ruthless and selfish Shoulbane has ignited a civil war that threatens to rip the kingdom apart. Kayleigh realizes she can no longer hide, but with hope of finding the True King lost, she is determined to find a new solution to prevent war from destroying Eviryia.

With the aid of Galen, a savvy farmboy who seeks refuge in Ailenor, Kayleigh agrees to search once more for the True King…but with a secret ulterior motive, hoping to unite the kingdom against Shoulbane without a True King on the throne. Perhaps the time of True Kings has passed and a new era has begun.

Will Kayleigh fulfill her destiny and find the True King, or will she fail, plunging Eviryia into a time of darkness?

The Keeper is a stand-alone young adult fantasy novel about embracing your calling in life, and the struggle between personal dreams and sacrifice for the greater good.

Ccharacter Art by Amy Miskiewicz

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This was a great read…It’s a standalone book and everything ties up nicely. There is a colorful cast of people that Kayleigh and Galen meet during their journey and the details and history are easy to follow and definitely enriching. All in all, The Keeper is a book I would recommend and I look forward to reading other works by Erin Phillips.

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