Video Consultations

During this 1 Hour video consultation, we can talk about whatever is overwhelming you with preparing for publishing and I will help you to make a game plan! Includes a follow-up e-mail Q&A where you can send me up additional questions about your Book Launch.

Let’s Chat About…

  • Creating a Publishing Calendar
  • Creating a Marketing Strategy
  • Planning a Pre-Order Campaign
  • Budgeting For Your Book
  • Planning Your Cover Reveal Day
  • Building & Managing a Street Team
  • How to Ask for and Receive Endorsements
  • Balancing Work and Rest

And Anything Else On Your Heart!

Consultation Rates start at $50 for the first hour, and $25 for every additional 30 minutes.

Additional Services

Back Cover Blurb
& Pitch Critique

Send me the Back Cover Blurb Pitch for your novel and I’ll give you feedback to help you grab the attention of prospective readers!

–Suggested before Cover Art is complete
–Includes 2 Follow-Up Critiques


Endorsement Letter Critique

I will help you edit and personalize your endorsement letters to make sure they are polished, professional, and appealing.

–Suggested at least 4 Months before your Publishing Day
-Includes 1 Follow-Up Critique


Complete Publishing Calendar

I will create a complete calendar for you with every deadline from first draft to post-launch for your novel, working with your schedule and goals.

–Minimum 6 Months before your Publishing Day
–Includes up to 2 revisions

Starting at $25

Cover Reveal Package

Using your cover art and blurb, I will write your info e-mail to send to your team, and create personalized cover reveal images designed to match your desired aesthetic, including:
-cover reveal graphic
-blurb graphic
-1-2 cover showcase images
-tropes graphic

Starting at $50


As a debut indie author, I felt completely overwhelmed by the marketing aspect of publishing. In my spiraling, I was introduced to Erin’s consultation help and oh my goodness, it has changed everything! After our meeting, I felt so much more confident going forward with my release. The overwhelming, spiraling feeling has subsided, and I know I can do this. She is encouraging, kind, and so full of knowledge! The information she has is KEY to having a successful indie author career.

Wyeth Doty
author of It’s All In Her Head

Erin Phillips was such an encouraging consultant to work with! She gave me constructive feedback on my plans and when I wasn’t sure how to implement some of her ideas, she gave me examples and tips on how to incorporate them. I left feeling like I had a way to complete my goals as well as someone cheering me on to succeed!

Valerie Cotnoir
author of Your Home Is Here

Erin’s services have been exceptional! She thoroughly prepared for our consultation and has me more prepared for publishing my novel! I thought I had a good idea of everything I had to do, but honestly, I now realize I had very little idea of how much really needs to get done at what time and Erin’s calendar has absolutely been what I need to be successful! Erin was so kind and understanding and her expertise is apparent, in both publishing knowledge, blurb critique, and graphic design with her cover reveal package. My time with her helped boost my confidence and I can’t recommend Erin enough! She is a shining light in the publishing world and in the world around us, using her God-given talents to bring honor to His Name and to help other authors as well!

Abby Morgan
author of The Vaiana Ventures

Erin was amazing to work with! She answered all my questions clearly and concisely, and provided me with several pages of notes and strategies that were discussed during the consultation. She is incredibly knowledgeable, easy to understand, and made me feel very comfortable with her encouraging words and go-getter attitude. My plans to indie publish seem much less daunting after talking with her and reading through her Book Launch Workbook! If you want to indie publish but don’t know where to begin, I highly recommend Erin’s services!

Olivia Gratehouse
Aspiring Author

Erin was truly nothing short of a blessing with this service, she was so encouraging as she gave advice and suggestions, pointed out strategies and tips I had not considered or thought of. I’m so thankful to have her help me get back on track to publish my novel, her publishing calendar was top notch and the whole time we talked I felt more confident and better about my work than I have in two years!

LaNona Walker
author of The Stargazer Series

The Indie Author’s Book Launch Workbook

gives you a roadmap from first draft through release day to help your book not only sell, but grow your platform as an author in the process. Modeled after traditional publishing calendars, the workbook is designed to cover all of preparations for launching your book! With worksheets and fill-in-the-blanks, this workbook is completely customizable and easily personalized to fit your timeline.

Erin Phillips’ book launch consultation services are exceptional. As someone who struggles with planning ahead and looking at the big picture, Phillips’ detailed timeline and step-by-step guidance in her Indie Author’s Book Launch Workbook has helped me exponentially, in addition to the Facetime consultation calls. I can’t recommend her expertise enough!

Alissa J. Zavalianos
publishing consultant and author of The Earth-Treader, Endlewood and The Wishing Seed

Cover Reveal Image Examples