Interview: Anna Augustine

I am excited to be able to host a little interview with Anna Augustine of When You Found Me (WYFM), and the Christmas companion novella available TOMORROW, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (ICUAMC)!

Get a peek inside the head, heart, and life of this young Christian author!

1. Which character from WYFM were you most excited to revisit in ICUAMC?

Honestly, Collins. He came full circle in WYFM, and it was so fun to see him as a dad and being a fantastic husband to Sage. It was also fun to get in Lucious’ head and write a bit of his story.

2. What was the biggest surprise you experienced from publishing WYFM?

I really got to see how supportive my church/small group family was with this whole endeavor.  Sometimes as an author it’s easy to think that no one outside of your writing circle cares about your stories, but that’s not true! I had a book signing set up by a lady in my church, and so many people came. They were just so supportive and encouraging!

3. What is your next book about? (I have heard some rumors about pirates!)

Yes! So I do have a second novella collection (hopefully) releasing next year. The title is actually revealed at the end of this short story, so go buy it to find out what it’s called. But as for a novel, I recently finished a full-length novel called Danger in Dazar. It’s the first in a duology, and is full of seafaring adventures, matchmaking monks, and found family! (plus a complicated friends to enemies to friends to more romance plot!) I’m looking at self-publishing this one soon, I just need to save some money to do that!ever imagined, but it still doesn’t compare to the amount of joy that I experience while actually writing. Through the past year of editing and preparing for publication, I’ve been itching to sit down and start WRITING again, so I have to say that writing the first draft is without a doubt my favorite. 

4. What is the biggest challenge from writing at home with a large family?

Not feeling guilty for taking time to write. Honestly, noise isn’t a huge issue for me, because I can shove headphones in and listen to my playlists and write. But when they’re having a family movie night, and all I want to do is write, sometimes the balancing of that can be a challenge. But we make it work and I love the time I spend with them!

5. What is the biggest blessing?

Seeing how my stories have impacted people already! It’s such a blessing to get a DM on instagram about how the Allura novellas challenged them or blessed them. I told God when publishing them that if even one person was blessed by them, then all that hard work and struggling to write it was worth it. And God has blessed me by showing me that my writing has a purpose and that it’s being used to glorify Him!

6. What do you hope readers will take away from ICUAMC?

I hope it encourages people to trust the Lord with the outcome, to see the blessing that is life and love, and to hug their families a little tighter after they’ve read it. 

7. Who is your favorite prince of Allura?

Oh this question isn’t fair! So I could say Nicholas, since he started the whole thing. Or I could say Collins, because even though he was the biggest pain in the butt, his arc was so satisfying. Or I could say Benjamin, because if I’m being honest, he’s the one I’d probably fall for. But I’m not gonna say a word. *smirks*

It’s Christmas time, and the royal family of Allura is bustling about preparing for the holiday. But when Sage’s brother, Lucius, and his wife fail to arrive when they said they would, it’s up to Nicholas, Collins, and Benjamin to find the missing brother in time for Christmas Day.

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

Thank you so much to Anna for allowing me (and all of you) to peek behind the book into her life! I hope you have been encouraged!

More about Anna Augustine

Anna has always loved to tell stories that share the love of God through them. When her mom forced her to write a short story for English one year, she discovered how fun the written word can be and has been writing ever since. She lives with her family of eight in a small, midwestern town with two dogs and a whole lot of crazy. When she’s not writing, Anna is either working as a teacher’s aide in her local elementary school, taking photos for her bookstagram, or trying to put a dent in her never ending to be read pile.

Follow her on Instagram: @anna_augustine_author.

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