Half-Way Thoughts

I’m half-way through the first draft of my current work-in-progress, so I thought I would share just an unorganized list of thoughts that have crossed my mind in the process:

  • I’m not following the Three Act structure close enough.
    • That’s okay; God wrote this story…kinda…well, the original version.
  • Does the story spend too much time in the harem?
    • Well, it sets up everything else so, I guess not.
  • Ugh, if my readers turn Xerxes into a ‘bad boy’ romantic architype, ima be disgusted.
  • Woof, am I making Mordecai too self-centered?
    • Meh, makes his redemption better.
  • Is this story too dark for the YA Christian genre?
  • Is this story too religious for the YA secular genre?
  • Just keep writing. Worry about that later.
  • The greatest struggle for a Christian writer: figuring out how to have characters curse without swearing.
  • Wow! There are so many amazing self-published authors out there!
    • Do I really want to pursue traditional publishing?
    • Why do I want to be traditionally published?
    • Have I made an idol out of being traditionally publishing?
      • (insert repentence.)
    • So do I still want to be traditionally published?
  • Just keep writing. Worry about that later.
  • I should read some of my other books to inspire myself!
    • I have grown a lot since writing The Keeper. Woof.
    • No, be happy about what you have accomplished!
    • Should I unpublish my Eviryia books?
  • Just keep writing. Worry about that later.
  • Yay! I finally get to write an action sequence!
    • That felt kind short.
  • Are people gonna hate me for this plot point?
    • Nah, they should be used to me killing off major characters at this point.
    • (If you aren’t used to it, you haven’t read any of my books: read one now!)
  • I can’t wait to kill that character.
    • And that character.
  • What am I going to write after this? I don’t want my writing muscle to go flabby again!
  • Just keep writing.
  • Worry about all of that later.

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