I was planning on walking down to my favorite local coffee shop today – and maybe I still will – but I found myself dragging along in the ‘afternoon slump’. But, I was determined. I told myself, that if I found the motivation to write, then I could have a yummy London Fog or Iced Mona Lisa Latte. On the flip side, I said that if I found the motivation to write, then I HAD to walk in the hot hot outside and write at said coffee shop.

I have a free coffee. I feel like this information is important. Also, it’s only five minutes away. Five minutes of heat isn’t fatal, is it? #Idontgooutside

Anyways, in an attempt to motivate myself, I turned to Pinterest and found myself on one of my favorite writing sites:

This site is abounding with awesome writing blogs, catering more specifically to Fantasy and Science Fiction writers. And as I read, I found these excellent articles and thought I would share!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the links!
    Also, I totally get the going outside thing. When it’s too hot, I mostly avoid it whenever possible, feeling like I am drenched in water as soon as I set foot outside my front door. Free coffee is tempting though … then again, it doesn’t go anywhere, right? You can still get it when it’s not so hot?


    1. epauthor says:

      I like your thinking!

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  2. I feel in suspense!! Did you make it to the coffee shop yesterday or not? 😉


    1. epauthor says:

      I did not haha went today though!

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