“Beloved” from Scarlet, The Outlaws of Nottingham

“Beloved” from Scarlet: the Outlaws of Nottingham by Jeremy and Erin Phillips, performed by Dion Castro and Ellie Faggion at Spiritual Twist Productions Open Mic Night, July 11th 2015.

My beloved is to me is like the morning breeze
Like the promises of spring after the winter storm
And every day she doesn’t gently brush up against my cheek
Is an eternity of shivering alone

My beloved is to me is like an ocean deep
And there’s a river that i chase for miles reach her shores
If I could only go a little farther I would see
My endless ocean open up before me
Finding life and love

And I’d dive right in and sink into the depths and she
Would hold me close and never let me go
But I’ve been away so long

My beloved is to me like a sweet sweet song
One that I haven’t heard in far too long but still remember clear
And yet I still believe he’s singing now, and my soul hears the call
And his melody is reaching out
Ever running home

And I’ll hear that sound and I’ll come running out to meet him
And he’ll sing to me “my love, I have come home”
But let it be soon, dear God

My beloved is to me like a peaceful dream
Where the love we shared in seasons past is alive again
But one day upon awakening my dream will remain
And the years apart will be forgotten
Standing face to face

And time stands still
And we will dance as one, my love and I
When life surpasses fantasy
And we will never fade

We’ll live on and on
Our love and faith will guide us every step
No matter what will come our way we know
Together we are home

Copyright © Jeremy and Erin Phillips

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