Pinterest Is A Great Distraction

Writing has been a real struggle. I sit in front of my computer, the document open in front of me and I just keep thinking, “this isn’t going to happen”. I’m blank on motivation for the next part of the story and keep distracting myself from having to write it. Pinterest and my new books make me feel very productive without actually getting anything written. I pin great ideas for The Book or write a fun little 500 word story and I get very excited about new stories and new characters, but I made myself promise to finish the current novel (and the following one) to practice and improve my writing. Some days are easier than others, but this week I spent most of my time constructing this beauty…


…and no time writing. Today after work, I’ll have the house to myself. And I think I might have to disconnect the internet. Because I want to write, I just need to find a way to get in the zone to work on The Varken.

As a major side note, be sure to check out my Pinterest! (link on the side) I have several boards for writing from tips to motivation to character development and inspiration!

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