Sneak Peak! First Draft “Varkens of Ailenor” Chapter 16

Finally got down to writing thanks for a lovely little writing club meeting! It has been tough to get going on Act 2 as it required introducing all of the new party members for Hart and Brie’s first big mission. I finally got it down on paper (or Word, in my case) and it gave me a chance to explore the Blessed abilities a little bit further in the story. Here’s a snippet from the first draft.

“Atticus is Blessed and has agreed to leave his training at the chantry to aid us. Atticus, would you like to inform the others about your gifting?” Hart offered.  Atticus gulped.

“I can control…bones,” he said, looking around curiously to see how the others would react. Brie’s own eyes widened with surprise. She had never heard of a Blessed who manipulated bone. She felt a shiver grow up her spine as she considered the gift. He could snap anyone’s neck without moving a muscle, even by accident. His gaze connected with hers and she had to look away, intimidated. “The chantry has been teaching me to use my gift for healing, and I’ve been quite successful. But, I don’t think I’m here just to heal.”

“It is my hope that healing is all you will be doing,” Hart encouraged the boy. Atticus shrugged.

“I want to be as helpful as possible. And I know how to break bones without killing someone!” he proclaimed proudly. Brie couldn’t help but wonder how he had learned to be so skillful. She could only hope it wasn’t on any living thing. “The chantry felt that it was important that I study anatomy a lot, so I think I’ll finally be able to put it to use. Like if someone became dangerous, I could just break their finger, or toe, or whatever to throw them off. But they wouldn’t really get that hurt. Just caught off guard.”

“Those are quite little bones,” Vivica said, raising an eyebrow. She crossed her arms and shifted her posture, cocking her head to the side. She obviously didn’t believe Atticus was so talented. “Harder to connect with and control than larger ones, like the spine or skull.” The idea was staggering, and Brie wished that the woman hadn’t said anything at all. The last thing Brie wanted was to doubt the boy’s ability to control his powers.

“I can do it. I’ve been practicing,” Atticus said, desperately wanting to prove himself. He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment. Then they popped open, starring at Vivica’s left shoulder. “I can feel your clavicle right now, and then-” he paused, his focus intensifying. Vivica was frozen, paralyzed with fear. One flinch from Atticus and Vivica’s collarbone would snap. “-there’s your acromion. Right there, and if I just-”

Klaus rested a giant hand on the boy’s shoulder gently. Atticus didn’t break his focus, undisturbed by the gesture. “No need to put on a show, Attie,” he cautioned. The boy sighed and looked down. Vivica relaxed.

“Well, I didn’t hurt you. See, it’s not a problem,” Atticus said confidently, shrugging his shoulders again.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Fascinating! You have a great imagination! 🙂


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