I’m 37,373 words into my current novel exactly.

And despite having so may projects going on right now – my retail job, 3 sewing commissions, a house to maintain and, oh yeah, my novel – everything is working out. Of course, sometimes that means that I bring my laptop to work and write during my lunch break or don’t get to write at all because my serger decides it wants me to spend almost an hour re-threading it…


…but I’m still on track with writing! One thing in specific has made a huge difference in having to balance so many things and having time to write.

These two lovely faces.


My husband, Jeremy, and my cousin, Valerie, who is also a self-published author doing NaNo.

The first big impact having these two around this November has been accountability. Jeremy is so aware and supportive of finding time for me to write and making me stick to it. He let’s me listen to my extremely specific playlist instead of watching sitcoms and tries to always be working in the same room at me: and I move around a lot; the dining table is so nice and proper, but sometimes I need to sit on a comfy couch, and then other times I need a change of scenery and I’ll move to the office at my desk or comfy reading chair. And he comes with me. To keep me writing. My husband is pretty much a living, walking, talking version of this:

As for Valerie, we’ve had several very successful writing dates, where we write for 45 minutes and then read what we wrote. It has been so helpful to be writing alongside someone, and when we notice the other one isn’t typing, we pause to the other avoid a writer’s block. Plus, it’s always nice to have someone to give you names for some random character that will never be mentioned again but you feel should have a name.

The second thing that has been helpful, is something I already mentioned: reading with someone ALOUD what I have been writing. Despite all of the mistakes – which my husband ALWAYS highlights >.< – it is so encouraging to get someone else’s point of view and encouragement. And when you have someone or several someones who are keeping up on what you are writing, it is so helpful! Because then, when I’m not sure of how to fill space, or how to proceed with a scene, there is someone right here who knows what is going on, how my characters work, and what has actually happened (not just an outline) who can help me brainstorm.

I love friends! I was hoping to go to a write-in in my area (there is one right down the road!) but my schedule as not allowed for it, but I am thankful for these two to help me keep writing this November!

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  1. Andrea says:

    SO glad you’re having a productive and fulfilling writing month! I only wish I could be there to get in on the party!

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  2. Valerie says:

    Aw, I’m so glad, Erin! 🙂 You’ve definitely encouraged me and helped me stay on track as well. Having a writing buddy is not only fun, but great for, as you said, accountability. Only 11 days left–we’re going to make it!! 🙂


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