Breaking It Up

Even though I’m on a roll with writing today, it’s still a good idea to take a break once in a while.  A little time to stretch my legs, rest my mind grapes and get some fresh air. Not to mention that the dishes needed to be done.  Even though I try not to be legalistic about my breaks (i.e. I MUST take a break for 5 minutes every hour), I also try not to let myself sit at the computer for eight hours straight when I have the chance.

It especially helps during a writer’s block, or when a plot hole pops up, or when I need to brainstorm something before writing a scene.  For instance, I was earlier writing about the search for the Keeper and thought I should probably figure out how the Keeper has been found previously in order to figure out how the council would be looking for her. So I *gasp* stopped writing!  I had started just making stuff up, whatever sounded good or ‘made sense’ and instead of continuing on that path, I stood up and utilized my amazing dry erase board.


I only took a five minute break, but now I have not only decided more clearly what to write in that scene, but also in future scenes AND built more realism into the world I have created by creating history.

Rather than thinking of things like my puppy wanting to go outside or my computer battery accidentally dying, I look at them as opportunities to take a break and refresh, so that I can write more steadily when I am writing, rather than draining my mind grapes completely and making my puppy bark more and more to get my attention.

Plus, then the dishes get done. And life doesn’t stop just because the Keeper hasn’t been found yet 🙂


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