Surround Sound

Some people write in silence, some people have very specific playlist for every single scene.

Me?  I have “book playlists” that I create on Spotify.  These playlists are a combination of instrumental music and songs, which are put on the playlist for one or more of the following reason:

  • The song lyrics reflect some part of the story
  • The song sounds like the aesthetic of the story
  • The song is super inspiring and makes me excited to write the story

In the end, the playlist usually rounds out to have about 150 songs on it (I like to have a lot of variety when writing.)

I have found, though, that there are several artists and songs that end up on almost every playlist, all for their own reasons.

Lindsey Sterling is one of my favorites for writing.  Since most of her songs are instrumental, it allows me to really focus on writing, but the style of her music is very energetic, which keeps me inspired.

Nathan Lanier’s Halo: Forward Unto Dawn Score is another instrumental album that I love to listen to.  The score has a great balance of quiet and intense music.  Also, the film itself is quite amazing, one of my favorites, because of the character development and storytelling.

Thirty Seconds to Mars always ends up on my playlists somewhere, especially songs from the This Is War album.  So many of things songs are great and inspiring, and there will always be at least one of them that works well with my story lyrically.

Linkin Park is another artist that I find fits in well with my playlists, especially LIVING THINGS and The Hunting Party.  I like the emotion and driving energy in the music, which maintains the theme of ‘inspiring me to keep writing’.

Gavin Mikhall is the last artist that pops onto my playlists frequently.  I love his acoustic covers, and they had a some welcomed variety with the other energetic artists.

So what is the playlist for this year’s NaNoWriMo Novel?

I have the usuals…
Lindsey Sterling, Forward Unto Dawn, Linkin Park, and the specifics of
Gavin Mikhall’s ‘Elephant’ cover
Thirty Seconds to Mars’ ‘Vox Populi’

Other songs that fit in with the ‘Varkens of Ailenor’ theme are…
Danny Elfman’s 9 Score
Soldier by Ingrid Michaelson
Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
Both of Us by B.O.B.
Heroes and Thieves by Vanessa Carlton
Lego House by Ed Sheeran
Battle Cry by Skillet
Touch the Sky by Julie Fowlis

And, as always for my Keeper novels…
The Keeper by Marie Digby

With the main theme of this novel being…
Thirty Second to Mars’ ‘Conquistador’

Listen to my playlist now!

So that’s how my ears work while I’m writing.  How about your’s?
Comment with what your surround sound tends to be while writing, and the playlist for your current novel, if you have one!

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